Gavin Harrison, Buddhist Teacher from Hawaii (born and raised in South Africa) spent 2 days with us.  Watch a video of his visit.

The Play Centre, built in 2009 with funds raised by Gavin and the Hawaiian Sangha, was seen by him fully equipped and running for the first time. Gavin was deeply moved and clearly inspired by what he saw, namely 40 earnest little beings totally and happily immersed in their various play activities. Linda Stone, volunteer Play School co-manager, shared with Gavin how many of the children’s lives have been transformed here. Gavin’s tearful response was “It’s been worth it – even if it had been just one child.”
Gavin and his friends in Hawaii have recently raised funds for the operating costs of the Play Centre and continue to gather support for the School Support Programme (SSP).

The following day Gavin addressed the whole team, affirming his life-long commitment to Woza Moya. He entranced us with the beginnings of a poem 'Children of Woza Moya' about the project, and entertained us with his graphic demonstration of how Hawaii is opposite Ixopo on the world globe!