Every act of sharing helps to create a more whole and healthy society in South Africa. As a non-profit-organisation, registered as a Section 21 Company, Woza Moya relies on the generosity of donors to carry out its work.

The AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) continues to be Woza Moya's main donor to date, offering not only monetary support but also invaluable on-going capacity building for all the team members.

Woza Moya's partnership with Oxfam Australia continues to be a very special collaboration especially with regard to social media development, including human rights and gender issues.

Another smaller donor, the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA) has helped Woza Moya to professionalise our home-based care programme.

The Victor Daitz Foundation is providing much needed food parcels for homes housing orphaned and vulnerable children.

All Together Now International and South Coast Foundation in the USA continue to be on-going and greatly valued donor-partners of Woza Moya.

Donor updates

Last month Alan responded to a radio announcement about a promotion to support charity organizations. Thank you to Shayne Ponnan from ELLIES in Durban who came to visit Woza Moya and took the time to see what we are all about.  He was so pleased with what he saw that he enthusiastically took our request to Warren who is in charge of Social Responsibility at ELLIES. This was a very fortunate for us as within the next few weeks and several trips between Durban and Woza Moya, we now have three solar geysers on top of our three buildings, just in time for the cold winter months ahead.

There are wonderful things happening in the northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal! Woza Moya staff (Sue, Jane, Benedicta, Thembi and Mtho) spent 5 days conducting exchange visits to other OXFAM supported projects. This great learning and sharing experience was initiated and sponsored by OXFAM. Read more about it in the May 2011 Newsletter.

Kerry Farrance, from OXFAM Australia, Melbourne office spends the week 12 - 15 October 2009 with Woza Moya.

12 & 13 September, local Lynford Classic Fair, where Woza Mya has a table, Jane and Benedicta meet people from local community and promote our work.

AFSA brings special guest from Comic Relief to Woza Moya. 5 high profile staff from AFSA including Deputy Director accompanies Comic Relief on visit.  WM management committee members and various beneficiaries attend, as do all of WM team, in order to participate in focus discussion groups.

Zini Music festival was held for the first time at Mthunzini, north coast KwaZulu-Natal with Woza Moya as the beneficiary of the fund raiser.

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Funding being suddenly and unexpectedly diverted to a new project Khuphuka resulted in a funding crisis for Woza Moya, causing some essential servcies on the ground to be cut back.

Gavin Harrison arrives at the BRC and Woza Moya for a 3 month visit to South Africa.  Work starts on the new Play Centre building funded by Gavin Harrison and friends in Hawaii and Patricia Shafer of “Mothering across Continents”.  Building progress is hampered by on-going heavy rains, which frustrates the local builder Brett Rich.

Oxfam Australia accepts our application for funding and we start a three year contract with them as from 01 July. Woza Moya is honored to be associated with OXFAM and to be able to diversify our donors.

A double garage which doubles as a play room is built alongside the community centre building.  This was funded by the UK Mandala Trust.  With the construction of the Play Centre building in 2009, this initial play room is now used more as a general training and crafts room.

The Woza Moya Community Centre generously funded through Kittisaro and Thanissara's close association with the San Francisco Buddhist community in the USA, is officially opened! 

The project team finally leaves its base in the BRC and moved into the new Community Centre, just a kilometre down the road from the BRC and 15km from Ixopo.

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Woza Moya receives a three year grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation, via AFSA, which includes much needed funding for 10 Community Care Workers.

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Woza Moya

  • actively seeks to empower women in the community and workplace
  • encourages taking responsibility by knowing your HIV status
  • respects the natural environment of the Ufafa Valley and the culture of the people living there