In April 2002 Thanissara launched her poetry book, "Garden of the Midnight Rosary". Thanissara offered the evening as a benefit for the Woza Moya Crisis Support Fund.

The evening was a great success with the proceeds going towards helping two children in the Chibini community, Mhlonishwa and Nonjabulo.

Mhlonishwa Dlamini is a boy of 11 years old who began having pain in his back and shoulders 3 years ago. His condition degenerated, leaving him paralyzed. Medical specialists were unable to help him. He was a very keen student and has continued to help other children with their homework in the afternoons. Mhlonishwa's dream of returning to school was realized when we delivered a wheelchair to his home. He is now back at Lusiba school and has a permanent smile on his bright young face.

Nonjabulo Mkhize is a girl of 13 years old who was blinded in one eye when a drip was inserted incorrectly at Christ the King Hospital, in Ixopo. Sadly she was often subjected to teasing at school which resulted in her being a very shy and introverted young girl. Nonjabulo has now had a glass eye fitted. These days she is often seen laughing and playing with the other children in the community with a new sense of self confidence.

These stories, and others not mentioned here, are made possible by the ongoing support of the sangha. Your compassion and generosity, whether in monetary or other form, is deeply appreciated and has indeed touched the lives of the people of Ufafa.