Welcome to Edwin Corbett, our new Head of Support Services!

The Woza Moya Board of Directors appointed Edwin Corbett as our new Head of Support Services in June 2017. Edwin comes with vast experience in the NGO Sector in South Africa, a passion for community development and a vision of empowering local staff. Also highly skilled in Fund Raising, he has all and more than we ever dreamed of! WELCOME EDWIN!

’I’m so looking forward to joining Woza Moya.  The more I mature, the more I value life.  For me, a life worth living is one that has a societal impact.  I believe that Woza Moya is an exceptional portrayal of such an impact, and I’m honoured to now have an opportunity to contribute directly. 

Over the past 17 years there have been significant changes in the life-quality of members of the Ofafa Valley community.  Many of these improvements can be directly attributed to the catalytic effect of Woza Moya, as a beautiful expression of care.  WELL DONE and thank you for the warm welcome.  I believe that together we can excel Woza Moya’s success and the well-being of the people of the Ofafa Valley – showcasing what can be done when you mix a little care with a lot of local volition, resilience and agency.’’ 

Effective community development activates scaled social reflexivity, sufficient to create a tipping-point towards locally perpetuated ownership of improved outcomes.  Woza Moya’s ultimate success, therefore, would be indicated by a transformed Ofafa Valley, driven by local volition, resilience and agency; where every member is healthy, well nourished, feels safe, and experiences an annual progression towards an improved future.