Ufafa Valley Fabrics featured in the Sunday Times

Stylish local fabric range has a real feel-good factor.

Model Zwelisha Giampietri swings her little mustard and red protea skirt for the camera, a trendy cape thrown over her shoulders. Her clothes were created by designer Zamo Nsele; the textiles are examples of the newly launched Ufafa Valley Fabrics range.

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Ufafa women turn to crafts

Durban - With sweeping views of the Ufafa Valley as the source of their inspiration, local women crafters from the south of the province are making their mark with fabrics and earning an income. The range, called Ufafa Valley Fabrics, will be launched at an exhibition at the KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts (KZNSA) on October 17.

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All the Good You Can Do

A song by Jana Stanfield accompanied by photographs by Catherine Anderson pays tribute to the work of Woza Moya, with the hope of inspiring others to lend a hand.

Every Awesome Woman

With photographs by Cathy Anderson and music by Jana Stanfield, a moving tribute to the young women of Ofafa.

Natal Witness: Hill of Hope

Natal Witness featured Woza Moya in an article Hill of Hope written by editor Stephen Coan acknowledging 10 years of service to the community: "For a decade Woza Moya has been providing care for people with HIV/AIDS from its site high above Ixopo.."

SABC3 Special Assignment: World AIDS Day

SABC3 (South African Broadcasting Corporation) Special Assignment's producer Johann Abrahams  and camera crew were back in the valley in November 2009 to record our story further, to co-incide with World AIDS Day on 1 December.  Sadly Fumani and her little child from the 2007 documentary still have no ID and therefore cannot access ARVs - she's been trying to get an ID for about 7 years now!


Metro Eireann: Changing attitudes to AIDS

Changing attitudes to AIDS written by Catherine Reilly was published in Irish newspaper Metro Eireann on 26 November 2009.

SABC3 Special Assignment: On the Frontline

SABC3 Special Assignment returns, again produced by Johann Abrahams.  ‘On the Frontline’  focuses on Woza Moya's HIV and AIDS interventions in the Ufafa community.

SABC3 Special Assignment: Child Poverty

SABC3 (South African Broadcasting Corporation) Special Assignment features Woza Moya in the first of three hard-hitting documentories produced by Johann Abrahams. ‘Child Poverty’ in December 2006 investigates cases in the Ufafa community of people not being able to access Government services as a result of Government incompetence and bureaucracy.

Village Voice: Woza Moya Community Centre

The local paper covers the opening of the Woza Moya Community Centre.

Mandala Journal: aid for AIDS victims

Subtitled 'buddhism in action' this article on page 42 Mandala Journal December 2001 - February 2002 records an interview with Sue Hedden and captures the early days of Woza Moya.