Woza Moya is a registered non profit organization NPO No: 017 966,  a registered Section 21 company 2009/013994/08 and has Public Benefit Organization (PBO) status for the purposes of Tax Exempt donations.
The project is guided by a Board of Directors and a Community Advisory Council that meet quarterly. The programmes are run by a team of 5 dedicated managers who hold weekly meetings and submit bi-monthly written reports to the Director of Operations. The CCGs are the hands and feet of the organisation; once a month they report both in writing and in face to face meetings to the managers on the progress of their work.

Woza Moya believes that the development of our own team members is vital to the growth and development of the organisation. There is therefore ongoing movement with regard to capacity building and training and development, on all levels, within Woza Moya.

The WAY we work is as important as WHAT we do. Please read our guiding principles as agreed upon by everyone at Woza Moya.

Section 21 Company

Woza Moya is registered as a Section 21 Company  2009/013994/08

AIDS Foundation of South Africa Conference

24, 25 26 June 2009, 5 staff – Sue, Jane, Benedicta, Thembi and Gundane - attend three day AFSA Conference in Durban.

4th South African National AIDS Conference

Sue Hedden attends the 4th South African National AIDS Conference in Durban, on behalf of Woza Moya.

Woza Moya helps Khuphuka start

Woza Moya Programme Coordinators travel across to Khuphuka to help them interview and recruit staff for their new project.

Integrated database

Paul Dean from Ingwavuma comes to Woza Moya to introduce his new Database. Both Annie and Matt together with staff person Gundane Mthembu come to grips with this new system, Matt designing new Home Visit sheets for the Care Workers.

Second Bakkie purchased

Woza Moya raises funds to buy another second hand bakkie which means that we can greatly extend our activities in the community

Ian Chambler joins the team

Ian Chambler starts coming to the Woza Moya Community Centre every Wednesday to volunteer. He oversees Donors and the School Support Programme.

Internal staff support groups

Monthly internal staff support groups established to help deal with the stress of continual work in traumatic conditions.

Matt York from Mandala Trust, UK

Volunteer from Mandala Trust in the UK, Matt York arrives at Woza Moya end of January to spend 2-3 months with the project.

Counseling course for volunteers

Maxine Linell, a therapist from the Karuna Institute in the UK, offers a counseling course for the volunteers, an enriching experience for all the participants and a powerful way to build strength and unity in the team.

Training and capacity building: June to November 2001

Extensive trainings are conducted for the Woza Moya team.

Izandla ziyagezana

For the first year, 15 community care workers and the project leader worked on a purely voluntary basis. During this time they came to know the Ufafa valley and the struggles of the people in the face of widespread unemployment, poverty, illness and lack of resources in the local schools.

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