Woza Moya UK Fundraising event


Annabel Park and Karine Nohr held a fund-raising event "Annie and Karine's Christmas-Chanukah Cafe is here!" in Sheffield, United Kingdom on 20 December 2015. Annie has previously worked as a volunteer for with Woza Moya, and Karine is going to work as a volunteer for 6 months after Christmas.   The event was a huge success -  a combination of auction, raffle, donations and a pop-up restaurant.  Thank you to these special ladies and all who gave so generously!

Effective community development activates scaled social reflexivity, sufficient to create a tipping-point towards locally perpetuated ownership of improved outcomes.  Woza Moya’s ultimate success, therefore, would be indicated by a transformed Ofafa Valley, driven by local volition, resilience and agency; where every member is healthy, well nourished, feels safe, and experiences an annual progression towards an improved future.