We began in 2000 by providing home-based health care in response to the devastating impact of HIV/Aids. Our holistic and integrated approach now includes Child Care & Protection, Sustainable Livelihoods, Early Childhood Development, Paralegal & Advocacy and Youth Development.

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Woza Moya is celebrating 10 Years! 2010 has been a wonderful year of reflection and celebration.  In December the Woza Moya team came together to discuss the HIGHLIGHTS and also our CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS for 2010.  Please read staff person Mthobosi Mthembu's minutes.

On Friday 30 October 2009 the new Play Centre at Woza Moya Project was officially opened by the Office Manager from Dept of Social Development, Ixopo, Mrs Nondabulo.  This special day was attended by local dignitaries including the Chief of Ufafa, the care-worker team, special guests and children from the Chibini valley.

It was built from February to September 2009 with funds raised by Gavin Harrison and supporters in Hawaii; and Patricia Schafer of Mothering Across Continents based in Charlotte USA. Their commitment and generosity in funding this building is greatly appreciated by Woza Moya and the community it serves.

Oxfam Australia accepts our application for funding and we start a three year contract with them as from 01 July.  Woza Moya is honored to be associated with OXFAM and to be able to diversify our donors.

Woza Moya was researched and indentified as the most prominent response from the Buddhist community with regard to HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Director, Sue Hedden, was invited to join the Religious Sectors Forum in Johannesburg. In consultation with Buddhist teachers Kittisaro and Thanissara Weinberg, Sue began to represent the Buddhist sector in this Forum.

The Woza Moya Community Centre generously funded through Kittisaro and Thanissara's close association with the San Francisco Buddhist community in the USA, is officially opened! 

The project team finally leaves its base in the BRC and moved into the new Community Centre, just a kilometre down the road from the BRC and 15km from Ixopo.

Woza Moya goes into partnership with Heifer Project in September 2004 in order to address poverty, unemployment and malnutrition in the Ufafa community.

This results in the setting up of the Food Security Programme; the most vulnerable families are identified and supported in the establishment of home food gardens. This programme has grown tremendously over the years, now including animal husbandry, egg laying chickens and milk producing goats.

A literacy programme for Zulu staff at the Buddhist Retreat Centre (BRC), initiated by Sue Hedden, then BRC staff member, brought her into closer contact with the people of Chibini community and their plight. This prompted her to approach Kittisaro and Thanissara Weinberg, semi-resident teachers and Chrisi and Louis van Loon, owners of the BRC, to find a way to respond appropriately.