After submitting a proposal to AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA), the application was accepted and AFSA becomes Woza Moya's biggest donor.

From the beginning we have been guided by the AFSA who steered us in to the areas of home-based care, orphan intervention and poverty alleviation.

To assess the proposal Sizakela Zuma led the AFSA delegation that met with the Woza Moya volunteer team and the Woza Moya management committee, consisting of eight key stakeholders in the Chibini community.  The Aids Foundation will cover the basic running costs of the project for 3 years. Two full time staff members, Sue Hedden and Jane Nxasane, start to receive a small stipend, and 16 volunteers receive stipends of R200 per month, for out of pocket expenses incurred whilst serving their community.  The Chibini community initially chose these 16 volunteers, and they underwent extensive training in home based care with a special focus on HIV and AIDS, counseling, first aid, orphan intervention and training/education regarding social security grants. Of these original 16 volunteers Jane Nxasana has been promoted to Manager and Home Based Care Co-Ordinator.

Much of the training has been in conjunction with the Ixopo clinic. Sister Mseleko, fondly known as Aunt Gilda, has been very dedicated in the training and support of the caregiver team. In addition we had regular meetings with the social worker in Ixopo, to assist with orphans whom the volunteers have identified among the steadily growing number of vulnerable children and child-headed households.

This was a great relief, especially for Kittisaro and Thanissara, who had worked tirelessly, fund raising for the project. There were however, funds needed for projects not covered by the Aids Foundation. These projects include subsidized medicines for HIV+ patients, assisting families in crisis with food parcels, medical care, second hand clothing, and school aid, responding to the needs of our two local schools and other special cases.