This year a warm and wonderful Christmas Celebration was enjoyed by everyone, the Play School children, our two local support groups for children and grannies, CWBSA and some special friends and supporters of Woza Moya.

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The day before the Christmas Party all of the Woza Moya team came to the community centre to clean and decorate and prepare everything for our annual Christmas Party on the 11 Dec. 100s of balloons were blown up, the Play Centre was cleaned and beautifully decorated, a Christmas tree set up in the middle of the room, resplendent with brightly coloured twinkling lights.

Weeks prior to the party, some very special volunteers in Durban began packing personalised gifts for EVERYONE present at our Christmas Party of 2010. Taryn Mardon and Samantha and friends took the Woza Moya lists for all of the 42 children (3-5) registered at our Play School, the 59 children from our local support group and the 22 grannies. Each and every one of them received a beautifully wrapped present with their name on. What an amazing gesture which was wonderfully recieved by all!

Jovita da Silva decided to spoil the Woza Moya team members, arriving with more than 60 beautifully, individually wrapped and labelled christmas boxes containing her own aromatherapy creams, 10 year T-shirts and other delicious goodies. The Woza Moya team members were over the moon receiving their framed portraits!

The day began with Sue and Jane and Benedicta welcoming everyone to the party. The Circus School started off the entertainment with a show of juggling and acrobatics.  Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA) then took to the stage and soon had everyone in fits of laughter with their crazy, fun-filled, hilarious antics. Towards the end of their performance a huge storm erupted, with loud claps of thunder and lightening and an ensuing downpour, as the heavens above opened. Not to be deterrred the show went on, culminating in the grande finale and a cheerful bunch of rain-drenched clowns!

After lunch, Mthobisi, party DJ, pumped up the music and we soon had a room full of children dancing and singing. The bells began to ring and Mother Christmas aka Dingeni Khanyile, arrived to join in the fun.  Mother Christmas handed out all the presents. The children were also given a balloon and a small bag of sweets each before heading home, with full stomachs and very big smiles on their faces!