The Gogos of Mahlathini stole the show this year at the Woza Moya annual Christmas Party! They arrived jubilant, singing and kicking up dust, frenzied dancing, vibrant despite their bent old bodies.

Our 40 young children of 3 - 5 years, from the Woza Moya Play School, also enjoyed jiving along to the hip music provided by local DJ's a.k.a. Mtho and S'Celo.

About 50 local children from our Chibini Circus School gave delightful performances of song and dance and short dramas, and even a martial arts display.  Sadly, only about 15 of the 33 children from our Children Living with AIDS support group made it to the party, the others being too unwell to attend. Kriben Pillay had everyone enthralled with his magic show.

The party reached a climax with uMama Khisimuzi arriving ringing her bell, singing and dancing. Everyone thronged forward to receive their beautifully wrapped gifts which they had been eagerly anticipating. We are truly blessed at Woza Moya to have as our friends some amazing people in Durban who made sure that everyone received their own special gift.

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