A small village with the name of Llanfairfechan, nestled in the mountains of North Wales, has taken Woza Moya to its' heart.  For a few years now a group of Welsh ladies have enjoyed knitting over cups of tea together for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Ofafa.  These amazing women continue to knit at their homes, whenever they have a spare moment, producing the most beautiful and intricate children's knitwear. 

The lovely colours and designs, and the attention to detail, all tell a story of great love and care, in the creation of these woollen items.  The Gogos of Ofafa who are the guardians of many children in our community send the Gogos of Llanfairfechan much love and gratitude.  Not only ar the little ones now warmly clad but also the envy of their neighbours in such gorgeous looking jumpers!

IMGP2579_ShirleyChildren with Shirley Griffin from Wales