Programme overview


Community Health Care is at the heart of Woza Moya´s activities.  Through a team of well-trained Community Care Givers (CCGs), the most vulnerable families are identified.  The first step is to identify a primary care giver in the home, who the CCG works closely with, transferring skills and information and providing on going support and advice.  The CCGs receive training in Primary Health Care, Palliative Care, First Aid, HIV and AIDS including TB and ARV treatment, General Counseling and VCT and basic home care nursing. Monthly PLWAs support groups are facilitated throughout Ofafa.

Programme updates

Professional Nurse Sandy Dickson starts part time, as required by the HPCA (Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa) grant.

Sandy very kindly succumbs to Sue's persuasive powers and comes out of early retirement to help Woza Moya. Sandy spends about 2 days every month on site at Woza Moya, receiving monthly reports from the CCWs, advising and guiding them in their home-based care work.

Farm Outreach visit done by Jane and Benedicta in Creighton/Mzimkulu area.

Last few members of the Woza Moya team do HIV test.  Now everyone at Woza Moya knows their HIV status; those needing urgent attention get access to medical treatment and care and support.

The whole Woza team (Care Workers and Project Staff) receive excellent 10 day training on HIV and AIDS from the ITHEMBA HIV and AIDS NGO, from Johannesburg; generously sponsored by Johnny Cohen, from Cape Town.

On World AIDS Day Woza Moya always organizes a public event.  This year we hold a huge rally in eMazabhekweni community.

For the first year, 15 community care workers and the project leader worked on a purely voluntary basis. During this time they came to know the Ufafa valley and the struggles of the people in the face of widespread unemployment, poverty, illness and lack of resources in the local schools.

Research (needs assessment) conducted in Ufafa valley in August and September 2000, in partnership with Durban University students from the Department of Sociology.  Woza Moya volunteers are trained to collect data.  Community Care is identified as the greatest need for the community of Uafa and this becomes Woza Moya’s first and foundation outreach programme.

Contact is made with ATTIC (the AIDS Training and Information Centre) in Pietermaritzburg, who put us in touch with Jabu Molefe of the Siyahphila support group. Jabu, who is openly HIV positive, conducted a series of workshops and counseling for our volunteers and has remained a consistent supporter of Woza Moya over the years.

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