Jovita da Silva, businesswoman and Therapeutic Aromatherapist from Durban conducted a one day workshop for all of the Care Worker team.

In Jovita's own words..

This is the fourth of such workshops over the years and each time it is so rewarding to get more and more feedback from the care-workers as to how they have successfully used their aromatherapy kits.

With the help of Jane (Nxasane: home-based care manager) as my translator, I briefly introduced the history of aromatherapy, how essential oils are extracted, how aromatherapy works and how it can assist various body systems to function at optimal level.  The therapeutic properties of lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree in dealing with minor ailments were detailed - they should be part of every home's first aid kit!  Great care was taken to ensure that the care workers know to use the essential oils correctly with caution in limited dosages, for which there is a concise instruction card.

After lunch we discussed the value of massage, how important human touch is.  Practicing in pairs we re-capped the hand massage taught to them at the last workshop, and I was pleased to see good technique.  The new care-workers practiced hard to catch up, with lots of encouragement from their colleagues, and I am confident that soon they too will be enjoying their new skills.