IMCI stands for Integrated Management Childhood Illness which takes the management of childhood illness out of the clinics and into the community.  Community is integral to the Woza Moya vision and way of doing things.  Woza Moya in partnership with DoH, World Vision and Fight against Aids, has been selected to roll out this programme in Ofafa.

The target group for IMCI is children from birth to 5 years of age.  Death and disease in this age group is unacceptably high due mainly to the impact of the HIV pandemic.  Children die from diseases that are preventable notably diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition.  IMCI is part of a global strategy to address these health issues.  Sisonke District is highly committed to implementing this initiative.

This month we have officially kicked off with an exciting if somewhat hot and exhausting survey of the area to determine the knowledge, practice and coverage of child health issues in the Ufafa communities.  It has been fun to work hand in hand with our partners and enjoy the support of the Sisonke Department of Health.  We look forward to getting the results and setting out priorities with the community and the department on how to tackle issues around the health of our children.