We were thrilled to have Trish Bartley, long-time friend, return to Woza Moya to facilitate a workshop for the Community Care Workers.  Trish developed a small mindfulness-based project in North Wales called Thought-on-a-Thread, some years ago, as a way of sharing short simple mindfulness practices with the Woza Moya CCWs. 

It soon developed further.  Now mindfulness based teachers in the UK and all over Europe, use Thoughts-on-Threads to help people with cancer to remember to 'come back' to the present moment.  People with cancer in the UK link with people with AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal, and send kind thoughts and good wishes to all others wearing the threads.  For more information visit their website: www.thoughtonathread.co.uk.

Trish facilitated a MBSR workshop for all of the CCW team and also visited our Gogos and Children's' support groups, showing participants how to get 'Feet on the Ground' and 'Come to the Breath' which were very well received.