In Sept 2011 the Woza Moya Community Care Workers (CCWs) came together to discuss the future of Home-Based Care (HBC) in KwaZulu-Natal (and South Africa) . The Department of Health (DoH), especially in KZN, is forging ahead with the restructuring of HBC with no or very little consultation with civil society and in particular with Home Based Carers themselves. Read more about their concerns captured in two videos made by the Social Media team..

Many contentious areas were discussed such as who would employ and pay HBCs in future; how would they be recruited, trained, supervised; whether this type of work is indeed suitable for YOUTH between the ages of 18-35, as the Sakume Sakhe programme (creating jobs for youth in HBC) is promulgating.

The CCWs discussed how the clients or patients themselves would feel about these changes and in particular about having young people caring for them. Let us also give a voice  to the patients and hear what they have to say! The CCWs also discussed how HBC work was suitable for more mature people with a feeling of compassion, care and service in their hearts; this was far more important than any educational qualification or work experience, they concluded.

Part 1

Part 2