Two excellent speakers from NAPWA and Durban Gay & Lesbian Community made WAD 2010 a memorable occasion.

All the members of the PLWAs support groups in Ufafa, together with all of the Woza Moya team attended the day. The day was opened with the traditional candle lighting ceremony, followed by song and dance and prayers. Dedications to those past and present, infected and affected, by HIV and AIDS were done. Mashiya Mazibuko from the National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAPWA) began by addressing everyone.  Mazibuko delivered a powerful and inspiring speech encouraging all those people present living with AIDS. She emphasized the importance of all of us taking responsibility, for ourselves and each other and how together we can indeed achieve anything! The floor was opened for comments and questions which went on for over an hour. This was followed by more singing and dancing, which just about raised the roof! Such was the response to Mazibuko's passionate and uplifting presentation.  Sibonelo Ncana from the Durban Gay and Lesbian Community in Durban was the next speaker. Sibonelo's message focussed on stigma and discrimmination surrounding one's sexuality and HIV and AIDS, a difficult and yet vitally important topic.