This means that every 2 weeks Ixopo Clinic staff will dispense ARV meds from Woza Moya, greatly facilitating access for Ufafa valley community members. Sr Gaza (Nursing Sister) and Thulile Ngcobo (counsellor) were assisted by Jane Nxasane (Program Manager: Home-based Care).  On 4 May 2012 staff from Christ the King Hospital, Ixopo, also came to Woza Moya clinic; they were Sr Koanana and two new cousellors. They were also dispensing TB medication, not only ARV's.

47 patients came to Woza Moya that day, and we're expecting this number to steadily increase as more and more people start coming to Woza Moya rather than go to Ixopo and spend money on taxi fares.

We have been making the double garage into a pleasant sort of waiting room, with hot drinks and snacks available as people walk long distances  to get to Woza Moya.  Both Thembi and Jane sit in the double garage with everyone offering an informal sort of support group.  This month we are also very lucky to have Sr Mseleko, fondly known as Aunt Gilda, with us.  She has one month off from the hospital, and asked to join Woza Moya for this month.  Jane says "It is really great having her around because she could answer all questions in depth."

Sister Gaza, Jane Nxasane and counsellor Thulile Ngcobo