Programme overview

home based care

Getting access to documentation and social grants and dealing with Government Departments is complex at the best of times, and particularly challenging for people who are not familiar with reading, writing and filling in forms.

We are able to advise people on their rights and how to apply for services they are entitled to e.g. foster care grants.  This involves helping to process applications for documents, such as IDs, Birth, Death certificates, following up on cases where grants have not come through  and lobbying directly with relevant Departments. 

The Community Care Workers (CCWs) are key in referring their clients to our Paralegal Programme Coordinator for further advice and support.


Programme updates

S’Bonelo attended the Dullah Omar School for Paralegalism convened by Black Sash and ACAOSA.

Community based Paralegals and young activists from across South Africa came together with the aim of accelerating social transformation in our country. The main objective is to facilitate access to justice and services for poor and marginalized communities.  S’bonelo took the opportunity to establish strategic partnerships with other paralegals and organisations.

Mthobisi (Youth & Media Manager) and S’Bonelo (Paralegal & Advocacy Manager) went on an exchange visit to Cape Town, as a sequel to the Digital Influencing workshop.