Great strides in craft development training have been made, supported by Rotary Global Grant. Guided by Angela Shaw, Director of Retail & Craft Development at KZNSA Gallery, there are stunning new designs incorporating geometric designs and mandala. Crafters were given guidelines on colour, shape and product engineering, but the focus was to build individual's creative confidence so they can work independently and learn to trust their own design instincts.  In March 2017, as part of the training,  makers and the admin team visited the KZNSA gallery and shop in Durban, plus other craft retailers, to get a sense of how their products comes to market.

A big thank you to Dr Marion Spence and John Hinks who have made this project possible.

Effective community development activates scaled social reflexivity, sufficient to create a tipping-point towards locally perpetuated ownership of improved outcomes.  Woza Moya’s ultimate success, therefore, would be indicated by a transformed Ofafa Valley, driven by local volition, resilience and agency; where every member is healthy, well nourished, feels safe, and experiences an annual progression towards an improved future.