Using the designs created for the stationery range, these have now been digitally printed onto fabric to be made into a contemporary product range. The exhibiton, in the KZNSA's mezzanine gallery, is the launch of the textile range and UFAFA VALLEY, the brand new name of Woza Moya, Ixopo's crafting division. It will feature enormous dramatic fabric drapes fronted by beautiful portrait photographs of the embroiderers, knitters and crafters, taken by Angela Buckland. The first products are 50 x 50 cushions, with down inners, which have been handed back to the embroiderers to embroider over part of their printed design! The fabric is available per metre from the KZNSA Gallery.

Effective community development activates scaled social reflexivity, sufficient to create a tipping-point towards locally perpetuated ownership of improved outcomes.  Woza Moya’s ultimate success, therefore, would be indicated by a transformed Ofafa Valley, driven by local volition, resilience and agency; where every member is healthy, well nourished, feels safe, and experiences an annual progression towards an improved future.