Woza Moya has committed to develop Dingizwe School into a model WASH school.  To date infrastructure has been provided: a Rain-Water-Haravesting System (funded by HCI Foundation) and waterless toilets, Enviro-Loos (funded by OXFAM Australia, AusAid).  The team aims to engage with the school community to assess the main WASH gaps and needs at the School; and also to mobilize the school community to use and maintain WASH infrastructure and incorporate hygiene practices into school and home life.  With OneVoice South Africa the Woza Moya team have received excellent training and will ready to carry out WASH promotion campaigns among learners.  They are equipped with resources adapted by OVSA for Woza Moya: they have a Woza Moya WASH Facilitators' Manual, a Woza Moya WASH Learners' Notebook and a Woza Moya WASH Resource Manual for School..

Only Launch Workshops have been held to introduce WASH to learners and educators at the School.  Before the campaign begins the facilitators are going to attend a Peer Education Programme at the end of March.  We envision the campaign to begin in earnest in April/May, and are very excited about this!