Programme overview

Woza Moya works with young people in the community in an attempt to create positive, equitable and sustainable change. Our Youth Coordinator attends a Youth Forum where he meets with other young people from all over KZN every 6 weeks. Topics covered include Gender Based Violence, HIV and AIDS, Voluntary Counseling and Testing, Millennium Development Goals, Mental Health, Teenage Pregnancy, Careers Guidance. After this training, the Youth Coordinator conducts Peer Education workshops in the schools throughout Ufafa.

We are also working together with Oxfam on an exciting project involving Youth and Technology; the idea is that through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) we will be able to document the impact of our work in a more qualitative way, bringing the real stories out. This will also raise the public profile of Woza Moya.

Three young social media gatherers have already undergone training in interveiwing techniques, photography, filming video clips, scene setting and human rights issues. They are currently learning how to edit, delete, add music, narrate and more.

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Programme updates

The Woza Moya Youth and Media team attending a week of FilmCraft media training done by Viroshen Chetty of Rebel Rabble. Viro was supported by Roy McEwan, long-time media volunteer.  Check out some of their latest videos here:
 “Children, know your Rights” - After a Child Protection local event in the Ofafa Valley, Oxfam supported Woza Moya Child & Youth Care Workers, Sinethemba and Thembelephi, to go to Cape Town to learn more about Child Protection with RAPCAN

“Making Human Rights Real” Oxfam sent Woza Moya Advocacy and Media Managers, S’Bonelo and Mthobisi, on an exchange visit to Cape Town partners to link, learn and share. Rich experiences all round!
“Afterschool Children’s Program” Hundreds of children aged 6-18 enjoy extra mural activities and support in various ways. Soccer and Netball are very popular! Quarterly play-offs on 16 June. The final quarterly soccer and netball play-offs for 2015 were held on Saturday 7 November.

This month we began a 10 part weekly webinar series with OXFAM introducing our team to social media platforms as a means of creating social change, promoting the work of our organisation and to engage with a broad range of constituents. The course covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Wordpress (blogging), MxiT , Whatsapp and other Mobile Technologies. There are so many ways we can use these platforms in our work, from marketing and fund raising to advocacy. We were excited to discover how easy it was for us to set ourselves up and participate in a webinar. Our first session was an introduction to Digital Campaigning, where we learned about the importance of developing a digital strategy, and choosing the social media platform best suited to our objective.

A MOBILE TECHNOLOGY workshop, hosted by OXFAM Canada, was attended by our 4 youth staff members, Mtho, Sine, S’Celo & Thembelephi. They returned to Woza Moya ablaze with new ideas and excited about the endless possibilities that technology offers.

We are particularly proud of our 6 youngest staff members at Woza Moya, Mtho, Sine, S'Celo, Thembelephi, Tanaza and Ncami, all in their 20's, who took charge of Youth Day which was a great success.  Congratulations bethu abasha!

This year the Social Media Group hit the ground running with an ambitious project.  We asked ourselves how we can initiate social change, using the equipment donated to us by Oxfam.  Mtho, Sine, Scelo and Thembelephi came up with an inspiring and exciting idea called Work Together.  Using the Flip cameras, we are going to make a participatory video with the schoolchildren of Sinevuso Secondary School in Chibini, just accross the road from Woza Moya.

Chantel Oosthuizen from the BRC starts spending every Wednesday afternoon with the SMG (Social Media Group) working with and guiding them through subject matter. Chantel has a masters degree in Social Media Studies and is doing a fantastic job with the SMG. They love their Wednesdays with Chantel!

A group of 12 boys from the Christian Youth Group at Michaelhouse School and their Anglican Chaplain come for 2 weeks to do work on the Woza Moya farming projects and to spend time with the Youth of Chibini.