This year the Social Media Group hit the ground running with an ambitious project.  We asked ourselves how we can initiate social change, using the equipment donated to us by Oxfam.  Mtho, Sine, Scelo and Thembelephi came up with an inspiring and exciting idea called Work Together.  Using the Flip cameras, we are going to make a participatory video with the schoolchildren of Sinevuso Secondary School in Chibini, just accross the road from Woza Moya.

We want to create a safe space where schoolchildren can voice and share their challenges and dreams.  Once we have edited the footage, we will show a short video to the group and ask them to come up with solutions to their challenges.  The wonderful advantage of watching yourself on screen is that it creates the necessary distance from your own life to view your ideas and limitations objectively.  Then coming up with solutions is easy, especially if your peers are there to help and support you.

The Social Media Group is very excited about this project and we expect it to be a catalyst for great change.  Watch this space!