Lend a helping hand in 2015..

It's been five years since the Woza Moya team received new uniforms.

Our 3 CBO vehicles are on their last legs, urgently needing to be replaced.

See our 2015 WISH LIST 






We are now registered!


Woza Moya has now joined MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet which is one of South Africa's biggest fundraising

programmes. It allows you to make a difference, just by shopping, not costing you a cent. Every time you

swipe your card at any of their 12 national or numerous local outlets, they will make a donation, on your behalf.

The donation will be to WOZA MOYA at absolutely no cost to you!

Sign up for a card by filling in the MySchool application form

If you already have a MySchool card, and would like to support Woza Moya in this way, you can  ADD Woza

Moya as a beneficiary.

Every swipe counts!

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11 January 2015, 11.31 Featured Stories
Volunteer's experience at Woza Moya in DEC14
Reflections on a short visit to Woza Moya If ever there’s a test about how to extend oneself as far as possible outside your comfort zone, then the experience of being dressed up in a Santa Clause costume and dancing with the grandmothers at the Woza Moya Christmas Party will be a very hard one for me...
21 December 2014, 19.01 Featured Stories
Every year in December the team comes together to reflect on the year gone by. Read here about our highlights and challenges  2014 TEAM...
21 December 2014, 18.37 Featured Stories
2 intrepid travellers, Ivo Visic & Nico Fourie, dropped in at Woza Moya in October leaving us with some fantastic footage, pics and videos, taken from their drone! check this...

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Join the Woza Moya Project Facebook page so that you can be a part of the day to day happennings in the Ufafa Valley Community. We are very excited about this new tool as there is so much going on here at Woza Moya and now we will able to share this with you. We also look forward to hearing your comments and feedback. Please do particpate in our on-going discussions, which we hope will bring you closer to us and make you feel a part of the extended Woza Moya family.


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Woza Moya

  • actively seeks to empower women in the community and workplace
  • encourages taking responsibility by knowing your HIV status
  • respects the natural environment of the Ufafa Valley and the culture of the people living there