25 February 2014, 23.05 Featured Stories
Monash University Student Placements 2014
Monash Students,  Danny Lichter from Melbourne and Benson Muvovori from Zimbabwe, spent 5 weeks at Woza Moya.  They reflect on their experiences at Woza Moya during January - February...
21 February 2014, 00.00 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Woza Moya has committed to develop Dingizwe School into a model WASH school.  To date infrastructure has been provided: a Rain-Water-Haravesting System (funded by HCI Foundation) and waterless toilets, Enviro-Loos (funded by OXFAM Australia, AusAid).  The team aims to engage with the school...
05 February 2014, 00.00 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
After 6 months of intergrating WASH into their home visits the Community Care Workers (CCW's) give feedback in the CCW WASH Training Feedback...

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Woza Moya

  • actively seeks to empower women in the community and workplace
  • encourages taking responsibility by knowing your HIV status
  • respects the natural environment of the Ufafa Valley and the culture of the people living there