Friend-Raising is a new initiative for Woza Moya!  The Woza Moya Board of Directors has decided to follow a different path in order to create financial sustainability. Our aim is to facilitate ever expanding circles of friends for Woza Moya, networking with people who are passionate about helping our cause and making social impact. We are asking people to host Tea Parties where the Woza Moya story can be shared. By bringing friends together, having fun, sharing our story, touching hearts, we believe that each person will have something to contribute. For some it may be retelling the Woza Moya story; for others helping Woza Moya to make a significant connection; some may be in a position to make a donation in money or in kind, volunteering.

We appeal also to our Woza Moya friends in the UK and the US, where we are fortunate to have platforms already in place to receive donations.  We are blessed to have the South Coast Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization in the US as a friend. We receive 100% of all donations made in the UK and the USA, which are tax deductible.

Sue Hedden, Founder and Director will be travelling around South Africa, and to the UK and the USA.  She will be telling the Woza Moya story and requesting many more friends to come on board.  Ideally we would love to encourage people to sign up for a monthly debit order, no matter how small.  Every cent counts! 

We really need your help to make this happen. Download our invite to connect with a small circle of your friends to share our story and get the ball rolling!

Please contact Sue Hedden to offer any support and ideas.