We have a wide variety of hand made goods that are lovingly crafted by our talented Ufafa Valley crafters available to purchase.


Our best seller is the sock monkey hand-made from a pair of knee-high socksby eight different crafters who are encouraged to develop their own styles. There are variances in color and finish resulting in a quirky and unique product. 

In 2017 the range of soft toys was extended to include sock lions and sock lionesses.



In 2007 the women were taught basic embroidery stitches which were applied to bags and cards.  With further training in geometry and design these women have applied their exquisite needlework to bags, aprons and hoops. In 2017 a graphic designer transposed several of their embroidery designs onto printed fabric and printed cards.

Cushions have been made from the fabric.  Some of the cushions have embroidery stitches over the printed design, which adds a beautiful dimension.  The printed cards also have embroidery added by reproducing the original embroidery that inspired the printed motif.



The Gogos, who foster many orphaned and vulnerable children, produce quirky striped beanies.  They also support the sock monkey production by knitting the skinny scarves and crocheted caps added to these adorable soft toys. A crocheted mat made from absorbent cotton is their latest product.