We appreciate that you have considered volunteering to help out at Woza Moya Community Development Project, offering your skills, time and energy. Woza Moya has accommodated many volunteers over the years. This enables both the project to benefit while giving our volunteers an important life experience where they share in the trials, suffering and successes of a community that is emerging from severe economic and social deprivation.

It is important for us at Woza Moya to host volunteers. We feel it serves to educate those who live more advantaged life styles, which in turn furthers mutual understanding and an appreciation of our inter-connectedness. Often it leads to wonderful connections, which feeds back positively into the community Woza Moya serves. It also is great to have people help out!

Thank you for your interest and willingness to give of your time.

Creating a wonderful volunteer experience:

  1. The Woza Moya team has gained enormous experience over the years and has been tremendously successful. However the team members are sometimes modest in displaying their knowledge in new company, which does not mean a lack of competence or skill.

  2. We encourage volunteers to enter into relationship with the project with a sense of open mindedness and humility.

  3. It’s important to be sensitive to the fact that the Woza Moya team members are working in vastly complex and challenging circumstances which may be beyond the easy comprehension of many of our volunteers.

  4. We value volunteers who are open to the experiences offered by Woza Moya and the team. We also know that volunteers can offer great input and evaluation.

  5. We encourage input and evaluation in a structured way - once a good rapport is established volunteers will be invited into such a dialogue by staff members.

  6. The most successful relationships between the team, the community and volunteers are where there is a withholding of ‘offering solutions’, opinion and judgment. To create a meaningful volunteer experience we welcome your evaluation at the end of your time with us.

  7. Successful volunteers demonstrate a willingness to learn as well as bringing particular skills and making a particular offering.

Practical information

    Woza Moya does not have its own accommodation to host volunteers but depends on the Buddhist Retreat Centre (BRC) where volunteers are welcome to stay. This means that volunteers need to make their own arrangement to meet the accommodation costs required by the BRC. Unfortunately Woza Moya cannot help subsidize volunteer accommodation costs. Have a look at www.brcixopo.co.za to see this beautiful environment and the current rates.

    The BRC is situated just over 1km away from Woza Moya, easy walking distance, if volunteers would like to walk to and from work each day, Monday to Friday Otherwise Woza Moya staff can offer to transport you daily.


Please send us an application covering the following:

  1. What prior volunteer experience have you had?

  2. What do you know about Woza Moya and why have you chosen it as a place to volunteer?

  3. What skills can you bring to Woza Moya?

  4. How do you see your skills contributing to Woza Moya?

  5. Tell us about any formal education you have received that can contribute to your volunteer experience with us.

  6. Are you someone who is comfortable following someone else’s lead when working in teams or individually?

  7. We require that volunteers familiarize themselves with Woza Moya, the staff’s expertise, and other recommended readings for educational purposes. Are you willing to read through background information about Woza Moya, and other recommended readings addressing specific information about the circumstances in which we operate? Such as HIV/Aids, rural KwaZulu-Natal, health care, etc.

  8. We appreciate feedback from volunteers as it helps us refine our relationships with future volunteers. Will you be willing to complete an evaluation form at the end of your volunteer experience with us?

  9. Are you will to help where help is most needed no matter how mundane? This could be weeding, counting pills, painting, filing, etc.

  10. Is there anything else we should know about you that will help your volunteer placement?

We are not in a position to accommodate volunteers without this completed application.

For any further enquiries please email: