Woza Moya began in 2000 in direct response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic that was ravaging the Ufafa Valley Community. At that time no ARVs or any other help was available. Fear, ignorance, denial, myths, stigma and denial were rampant. Witchcraft was the most prevalent explanation for so much illness and death in the valley. We held community meetings where the first 15 Community Care Givers (CCGs) were chosen. I met Jane Nxasane and Benedicta Memela at this first big community meeting and us 3 have been joined at the hips ever since! As Founders and Current Leaders of Woza Moya we are sometimes amazed at our own journey, which continues to unfold today...

After this community meeting we linked up with AFSA (the Aids Foundation of South Africa) as Woza Moya’s first formal donor who offered training to our team. CCGs began to go from door to door counselling and educating community members. The focus was mostly on bereavement counselling, pain relief and helping to implement the wishes of the dying patient, especially with regard to children left behind. It soon became apparent that poverty and food insecurity were having a direct bearing on peoples’ health and HIV status. The turning point in our work came 5 years after we began, when ARVs became available. 

Our CCGs continue to go from door to door in the community, educating, counselling and monitoring clients. Our focus is now on people, especially youth, getting tested for HIV (and TB and other chronic illnesses) ensuring that people get access to medication and services, and adhere to their medications.

Children and Youth have become high priority in our work as they are the most vulnerable and marginalised populations in South Africa today.

Our Vision

is for all people of the Ufafa Valley Community to be healthy and productive, living in a safe and clean environment, with good access to services and social justice

Our Mission

Is to facilitate the empowerment of the community to fulfil the vision through community health services, capacity building, education, civic participation, engagement with service providers and other strategic partnerships.

We do this through various interrelated Programs:

Community Health Care 

To provide access to education, treatment, care and support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS/TB and other illnesses

Early Childhood Development

To provide psychosocial, physical, spiritual, emotional, material, educational support to orphaned and vulnerable children and their care givers

Sustainable Livelihoods

To support vulnerable women towards self-reliance

Youth Development

To encourage young people to adopt healthier lifestyles


Founder & Director

Woza Moya Ixopo’s Founder and Director, Sue Hedden.

Woza Moya Ixopo’s Founder and Director, Sue Hedden.