Created as a resource mobilization for Woza Moya, this UK fundraising arm was registered on the Register of Charities on 24 June 2016, Register Charity number 1167844.


Meet the Trustees



Dr Karine Nohr, A UK medical family doctor, psychotherapist and University teacher, born in South Africa. Karine has also worked in a number of international settings in the UK, Middle East, Asia and the United States. She lives with her family in Sheffield, England.

In 2016 and 2017 she spent some time working voluntarily at Woza Moya, fostering international links and preparing new project work in the sections of youth training and development, sustainability projects, improving access to HIV treatment and in training of the Woza Moya Community Care Givers to deliver Health promotion and care to the under 5 year olds of our community. Karine is currently working with destitute asylum seekers in the UK and also developing a programme for nurturing confidence and emotional literacy in young pre-adolescent girls.



Peter Macfarlane has had a long standing interest in the region since visiting Durban over 40 years ago, when he first met Sue, during a six month stay in the country. Most recently he spent three weeks at Woza Moya in 2014 and currently acts as Treasurer for Woza Moya UK.

Peter works in the financial services sector in London where he lives with his wife Hiroko and they have two adult sons.



Trish Bartley has been connected with Woza Moya for 10 years, visiting, offering mindfulness workshops and retreats to community carers and in the Ufafa community. She has a background in community development and has written a book on development and 2 books on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for people with cancer.