Every act of sharing helps to create a more whole and healthy society in South Africa. Woza Moya is registered as a Not-Profit Company and relies on the generosity of donors to carry out its work.

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ELMA PHILANTHROPIES has been funding Woza Moya since 2011.  We often refer others to ELMA as our 'Best Practice Donor'; their systems are so well thought through and professional. ELMA offers general funding, with a strong focus on vulnerable children. 



SOUTH COAST FOUNDATION in the USA has been supporting Woza Moya since 2009. This unrestricted funding is like gold, allowing us to pay essential bills, enabling us to do our work and serve our community, in a way that we see fit. 



DEICHMANN FOUNDATION from Germany has been funding Woza Moya since 2012. Deichmann offers vital support, paying the stipends of 10 Community Care Givers, enabling them to deliver vital services to our community. 


HCI FOUNDATION has been funding Woza Moya since 2012. HCI has helped Woza Moya with WASH hardware and software in our local schools. Youth & Environmental Education are at the core of HCI Foundations work. 



MACAIDS FUND began funding Woza Moya in July 2017, focussing on marginalized people in the Ufafa Valley Community affected by HIV and AIDS. 


HIV & AIDS COMMUNITY GRANTS PROGRAMME funded Woza Moya 2016 and 2017, focussing on Community Child Maternal Health and Early Childhood Development (ECD).


INSPIRING LEADERSHIP TRUST UK funded Woza Moya for one year in 2016 to help young people towards better futures. They funded a library and computer centre for our Youth. 



MERCURY PHOENIX TRUST UK is a charity organisation that fights HIV/AIDS worldwide. MPT was established after the death of Queen singer Freddie Mercury from AIDS-related causes in London in 1991. MPT began funding Woza Moya’s Youth Development programme in July 2019 with a one year grant.



STARFISH GREATHEARTS FOUNDATION UK began funding Woza Moya in April 2018. This international NGO focuses on children orphaned and left vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS. Starfish currently supports Woza Moya's early childhood survival and development (ECD) programme.



CHILDREN’S FUND MAMAS began funding Woza Moya in March 2019. This Dutch organisation supports daily care, protection, food, affection for disadvantaged children 0-18 in South Africa. MAMAS currently support Woza Moya's early childhood survival and development (ECD) programme.